Top 10 Best Car Carpet Cleaners in 2021 – Reviews with Purchasing Guide

Everyone knows how quickly your car can get dirty, especially when you have pets and kids. Over time, your vehicle can accumulate large amounts of dust and dirt, making cleaning incredibly challenging. However, an excellent way to maintain your car’s cleanliness is by having a dedicated vacuum cleaner for your vehicle. These machines provide a quick and thorough cleaning to remove messy stains, dirt, and pet stains from your car carpets effortlessly.

Like other machines, it is not easy to choose the right models since there are numerous car carpet cleaners. To help you in your search, we have come up with a list of the top 10 best Car Carpet Cleaners in 2021.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Car Carpet Cleaner

  • Suction: a good car carpet cleaner is the one that has high suction power to be able to grab stain and dirt quickly, leaving the area spotless and clean. Therefore, look for a unit that has a powerful motor to trigger its level of performance.
  • Cord length: it is essential to look for a carpet cleaner that has a long hose cord. You can get the one that is 3 to 4 feet long so that it can serve your cleaning needs with ease. Besides, the power cord should also be long enough to minimize frequent visits to the power outlet.
  • Light in weight: portability is another important thing you need to look at when choosing a carpet cleaner. The lighter the car carpet cleaner, the easier it becomes to clean and carry.

10 Best Car Carpet Cleaners

10. GeeMo E4 20 Kpa Powerful Cordless Vacuum Cleaner for Hardwood Floor, Car (Purple)

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If you want a Car Carpet Cleaner that removes stains effectively and deep cleans your carpets, then check out GeeMo E4 Vacuum Cleaner. It is a cordless vacuum cleaner that is lightweight and only weighs 5.5 LB to be moved by one hand. Moreover, it comes with a built-in digital brushless motor combined with a 180w high-power battery to offer excellent suction performance. The cleaner will easily pick pet hair, debris, and dust from your carpet, leaving it clean.

This E4 vacuum cleaner is offered with a two-in-one round brush, long crevice tool, extension tube, battery pack, floor brush, wall hanger, charging adapter, and user manual. It is a perfect vacuum cleaner for cleaning stairs, hard floors, and furniture. Finally, this product is offered with a one-year limited warranty.

  • Cordless and Easy to Use
  • 4 stages of HEPA filtration system
  • Ergonomic and Anti-Static Design
  • Has 180W Powerful Motor
  • Built-in 6-cell 2000 MAH battery
  • Comes with 1-Year Limited Warranty

9. VACPOWER Handheld Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 6500PA Portable Car Cleaning Vacuum

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When you need to clean a heavy and thick carpet, the VACPOWER Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is the best model to choose. It is a portable and lightweight cleaning vacuum that can clean everywhere easily without tangled or bulky cord. Typically, this device comes with three different types of attachments that help you to thoroughly clean the dust of stairs, kitchen, sofa, cars, and other hard to reach areas. It is going to meet all specifications for your vehicle and home cleaning.

This Vacuum Cleaner is equipped with 2500mah lithium batteries that are rechargeable. When it is fully charged, it has a working time of about 30 minutes. Other than that, it features a 65W high power motor that delivers suction of above 6500pA. This makes it ideal for sucking paper debris, cat litter, daily pet hair, and crumbs.

  • 6500PA strong suction hand vacuum cleaner
  • Lightweight and portable for easy use
  • 2500mah high capacity lithium batteries
  • Washable stainless steel HEPA filter
  • 3 different types of attachments for all-round cleaning
  • Has led light for cleaning dark corners

8. Baseus 70W Handheld Car Vacuum Cleaner with 5000pa Absorbing Pressure

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Cleaning stains and pet urine on the carpet is not easy. However, with this Handheld Car Vacuum Cleaner, it will effortlessly remove even the smallest dirt in your carpet. Ideally, the device has a suction force of more than 5000Pa. and features advanced cyclone technology to achieve the deepest and fastest cleaning. It will remove pet hair, cat litter, debris, dirt, and other annoying residues. Furthermore, it produces a low noise level of up to 65db, so it will not disturb your colleagues and family members.

One great thing about this Vacuum Cleaner is that it is equipped with a 6000mAh large battery that takes 3 to 4 hours to be fully charged. The battery provides you with an 18 to 25 minutes run time. Moreover, it comes with a cleaning brush, cleaning nozzle hose, and cleaning straw to meet your vacuuming and cleaning needs.

  • Dual function of suction and blowing
  • Light and portable vacuum cleaner
  • Has 6000mah large battery capacity
  • Three slot tools for cleaning hard to reach areas
  • Has more than 5000pa suction force
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble

7. ORFELD Stick Ultra-Lightweight Cordless Vacuum with 17000pa Super Suction

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Here is another incredible Cordless Vacuum cleaner that combines both domestic and commercial capabilities. It comes with high-efficiency HEPA that usually captures 99.97% of 0.1 microns fine dust. Moreover, it has an outstanding 30 minutes fade-free powerful suction to ensure that you thoroughly clean your house without leaving any dirt. The device comes with versatile attachments that offer you the freedom to clean outside, inside the car.

This cleaning device is made using an ultra-light frame to simplify handheld above-floor cleaning and heighten maneuverability without getting tired. What’s more, it comes with a convenient wall mount to store it in the corner. Other accessories included are a wooden floor soft roller brushbar, charging station, combination nozzle, crevice nozzle, and user manual.

  • Super powerful brushless motor
  • Acoustic noise reduction design
  • Captures 99.97% of fine dust
  • HEPA is washable and recyclable
  • Weights less than 3.3lbs.
  • Comes with storage and charging station

6. GNG Handheld 12v Portable Vacuum Cleaner for Vehicles, Carpets, Dust Buster

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GNG Handheld Vacuum Cleaner brings you strong scrubbing action and powerful suction for professional cleaning results. It is a 6000 pa vacuum cleaner with strong suction abilities for sucking small and large dirt, pet hair¸, dust particles, and spilled water efficiently. Forget about the dustpan and annoying tight areas you cannot reach since this Vacuum Cleaner will easily get into small corners in your car, house, or shed.

The filter of this Vacuum Cleaner is repeatedly washable for it to remain new. Furthermore, the dust compartment is transparent, so there is no need to check its status or opening it after a few minutes. This product is offered with a one-year limited warranty.

  • Offered with 106 w lithium-ion battery
  • Lightweight only weighing 1.7lb
  • Easy to use and creates a flawless cleaning
  • Included with the fabric-carrying bag
  • Comes with one year warranty

5. BISSELL, 20037 Portable Cordless Carpet Cleaner Pet Stain Eraser

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The BISSELL, 20037 Carpet Cleaner will give you professional cleaning results every time. It is designed to scrub, spray and suction to remove messes and pet stains from auto interiors, stairs, area rugs, upholstery, carpet, and more. This lithium-powered Carpet Cleaner is cordless and will lift the stains away efficiently and effortlessly. It comes with 2 trial-size formulas that do not need to be mixed with water; hence it is always ready for use.

This carpet cleaner will permanently and instantly remove stains like blood, mud, vomit, feces, dirt, urine, makeup, tomato sauce, red wine, grass, coffee, vegetable oils, cola, food grease, motor oil, and more. Above all, this product will help to make odors, pet messes, and pet homelessness disappear.

  • Instantly and permanently removes stains
  • Includes two trial-size formulas
  • Lithium-powered handheld carpet cleaner
  • Spray, scrub, and suction spills
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Removable brush and suction nozzle for easy cleaning

4. BISSELL SpotClean ProHeat Stain and Spot Portable Carpet Cleaner, Blue

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Cleaning your car carpet is not easy, especially if you do not have the necessary equipment. Most car owners like postponing cleaning exercises, which leads to the accumulation of dirt and stains that may start smelling bad. To avoid this, you need to get this BISSELL SpotClean Carpet Cleaner. It is a deep reach cleaning tool that removes embedded stains and dirt from the bottom up. Moreover, it comes with a 37-ounce tank that is removable for easy emptying and filling.

This carpet cleaner has a lightweight and portable design, and you can easily store it even under the sink or in the closet. It is a 3-inch tough stain tool that is ideal for cleaning upholstery, stairs, and hard to reach areas.

  • Removes embedded dirt and stains
  • Has a portable and lightweight design
  • Removable water tanks for easy filling
  • Tank capacity 37 ounce
  • 3-inch tough stain tool for cleaning upholstery

3. ThisWorx for Portable Handheld Car Vacuum Cleaner with LED Light and 16 Foot Cable

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If you are searching for an efficient and smart Handheld Car Vacuum Cleaner that comes with a pocket-friendly price, then the ThisWorx for Vacuum Cleaner is a great choice. It has been created with a flat bottom body and compact design to glide smoothly on the car surface. Moreover, it comes with a transparent container that helps you know when to it and has a protective lid that keeps the trash. Subsequently, you can plug it into a 12V lighter port and use 16 feet power cord to enable it to reach any area of your car.

This unit has 110W suction power to pick even the finest dust particles. It is also integrated with LED light to allow you to clean even the low-lighted areas. The double HEPA filters are washable and come with a carry bag for easy storage.

  • Comes with 3 different all-purpose nozzles
  • Has a sleek design with integrated LED light
  • Washable double HEPA filter
  • A carrying bag for easy storage
  • Power cord to cover any area

2. CHERYLON Portable Car Vacuum 16.4 Ft Corded 7500Pa Vacuum Cleaner for Car Interior Cleaning

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With the CHERYLON Portable Car Vacuum cleaner, you can remove any tough stains or odors in your car carpet. It is an excellent unit with a 150W powerful motor, producing RPM up to 32000 Rounds/Min. This makes it clear your car hair, dust, and other debris quickly. In addition to that, it comes with a 16.4-foot power cord that is long enough to reach every spot in your vehicle.

This Car Vacuum cleaner has good sealing and compact structure to prevent dust and other garbage from leaking out, causing secondary cleaning. It is packed with a cleaning brush, brush nozzle, extended hose, slot pipette, and a carry bag.

  • Comes with a 16.4-foot power cord
  • Has compact structure and good sealing
  • Comes with brush nozzle and carrying bag
  • portable design for using everywhere
  • Suitable for picking up all embedded pet hairs

1. ThisWorx for Portable Car High Power Vacuum Cleaner with 16-foot cable

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Do you have a hard time cleaning your car Carpet? Then this High Power Vacuum Cleaner by ThisWorx is what you need for quick and effortless cleaning. It is a portable car Vacuum Cleaner that is perfect for cleaning any dry and wet messes, even pet hair, cigarette ashes, and even liquids. This handheld device only weighs 2.4 lbs and comes with a powerful 8.8 amps motor that offers ultimate suction power.

The unit has an ergonomic design to ensure that you can easily reach all the crannies and nooks of your car. It comes with a transparent trash container, which makes it simple to know when to empty it. Moreover, the package is included with a special filter cleaning brush, 3 all-purpose nozzles, a spare HEPA filter, and a carrying bag for easy storage.

  • Keep your car professional-level clean
  • Has ergonomic design to make cleaning easy
  • It weighs only 2.4 lbs.
  • Comes with 16 feet power cord
  • Carrying bag included for easy storage


With these car carpet cleaners, you will make your car always clean and free from filthy elements such as dust, dirt, and pet hair. They feature compact and lightweight design to make the cleaning task more comfortable and simpler. Choose one of the best car carpet cleaners from the list above and offer you professional cleaning results.

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