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Top 10 Best Wood Coffee Tables in 2021 – Reviews

Wooden furniture offers a sleek and contemporary appearance. Besides being beautiful, they are durable and often safe for most floors. Coffee tables especially are standard and provide high versatility in homes. They are ideal for use in table rooms as well as living rooms. Made from different trees, wood coffee tables are the next furniture to think about.

Adding these tables in your home guarantees beauty as well as comfort. They are usually ideal for use with sofas, upholstered chairs and others. The availability of these chairs different styles ensures everyone to enjoy great look and performance. Depending on the room space, these tables are also available sizes. Therefore, when in need of an attractive room, wood coffee tables are unmatched furniture to get.

Wood Coffee Tables Buying Guide

  • Space: The space you have is vital in determining the size of table you will buy. Since they come in different dimensions, one needs to ensure there is an excellent choice. For people with small space, it is ideal to settle on right-sized tables; otherwise, wrong sized will compromise the available space. Measuring your area helps in ensuring the selected table is perfectly fitting.
  • Height: Coffee tables come in varying heights. This depends on where they are going to be placed. When you are using these tables with sofas, they need to be of low profile. However, with other longer chairs, the height of a table should correspond. This ensures when working, there is no straining your back hence great comfort.
  • Durability: The durability is vital when you are choosing wood tables. The quality of materials used determines how durable your table will be. The quality wood is always reliable and offers consistent performance. Mostly choosing a table made from natural wood is a great way to ensure reliability. This is because particle boards and MDF doesn’t last like real wood.
  • Frame: A sturdy frame is vital for reliable support. It is the reason that one needs to ensure your table has a reliable structure. In most cases, frames are metallic or wooden. Regardless of the material, the structure should support the table properly as well as extra pounds from user items.

Best Wood Coffee Tables in 2021

10. Christopher Knight Home Abitha Faux Wood Coffee Table

Christopher Knight Home Abitha Faux Wood Coffee Table

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When you want to give your room a perfect look, Christopher Knight table is remarkable. It’s a solidly made table with thick wood which guarantees durability and performance. The sleek gray wood delivers a contemporary look and complements your room décor. By evoking the traditional look, the table fits different rooms. Whether it’s in living or dining space, it’s a great option. Besides, it forms a great choice when you need to give an office or bedroom a piece of perfect furniture.

The metallic legs are strong and prevent the table from wobbling. As a result, there is an excellent strength and can accommodate heavy weight without shaking. The single block top ensures the table doesn’t chip or creak. The powder-coated feet remains sleek for long without corrosion or rust. There is great safety to your floor due to superior feet insulation which allows the table to be ideal for all floors.

  • Single block top
  • Powder-coated feet
  • Fashionable style
  • No storage compartments

9. Furnitela Rustic Farmhouse Solid Wood Coffee Table

Furnitela Rustic Farmhouse Solid Wood Coffee Table

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Furnitela solid wood table is all you need to enjoy an elegant looking room. The table is revolutionary and delivers exceptional performance. The combination of rubberwood and walnut ensures there is elegance. In fact, the construction doesn’t have metallic feet that can damage your floor. Actually, the feet are wood made and broad hence superb for keeping the table stable and floor friendly. With two tiers, the table serves as a shelf for your books and other essentials. Thus, after reading, there is convenient storage.

The assembling of this table is simple, and everyone can put it together quickly. It only entails twisting legs are the table is ready to use. With tabletop featuring timbers with tree growing cycle marks, they create an elegant look. Depending on what you are storing on the under the table, its east to customize the space. This is possible due to the knots on the feet that enable easy adjustment.

  • Tool-free assembling
  • Easy adjustment
  • Ideal for different applications
  • No metallic feet

8. Best Choice Products 44’’ Modern Wood Grain Top Coffee

Best Choice Products 44’’ Modern Wood Grain Top Coffee 

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Adding this wood grain table from Best Choice Products ensure great look to any room. The table is designed by experts and features top quality materials. The table has a minimalistic design that ensures it complements any house décor. Whether you choose it for offices or homes, it’s a classic table. Fitted with wood grain top, its textured and come with a modern feel. Therefore, when placing something on the table, there is no slipping.

Apart from the great top, the table features a metallic frame. It, therefore, allows for the ability to hold substantial weight without collapsing. Additionally, the open space on the bottom part allows for storage of different items. Whether its baskets, decorative pot and others, they can fit perfectly on the open space. With sturdy composition, the table is built to support all your items without compromising the safety. Powder-coated steel legs are strong and ensure you have a great table.

  • Water-resistant top
  • Easy assembling
  • Ample storage space
  • No extra shelf

7. Mindful Living Chevron Pattern Wood Coffee Table

Mindful Living Chevron Pattern Wood Coffee Table

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The ability to give your room a sleek look depends on the furniture. Mindful living wooden coffee table is one of the ideal options that ensure room get an elegant look. Made from superior quality wood, it is stable and resistant to moisture damage. This ensures that even in case of spills; the tabletop is sturdy and reliable. Amazingly, the mango timber used ensures the table is durable and looks fantastic. Especially due to the chevron pattern, it offers exceptional décor.

The structure is superb since it comes with metallic feet. This ensures the user enjoy sturdiness and high table reliability. The clear furnish helps to keep the table looking sleek. Actually, there are no worries about the surface getting damaged by moisture. The midcentury legs are classic and fashionable. With simple assembling, the table enjoys superb applicability. Everyone can get it and enjoy simple assembling without needing an expert. The stable nature of this table gives it the ability to support mighty weight.

  • Sleek chevron pattern
  • Midcentury legs
  • Quick and easy assembling
  • Feels extremely heavy

6. IWELL Mid-Century Table with Storage Shelf

IWELL Mid-Century Table with Storage Shelf

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A functional table with a variety of features gives every room a perfect update. Iwell table is perfected to ensure every room get a sleek look. The perfected design ensures there are no more struggles when you need to add a functional table in your home. Unlike regular tables, this has an extra storage shelf. Therefore, it saves you from buying extra cabinets to keep books and other essential stuff. The design ensures this table acts as a decoration for bedroom and other places.

The construction entails some of the superior materials. The natural wood used is durable and ensures reliability for long. Even when the user has a lot of stuff to place on the table, stable nature keeps its firm and intact. The easy assembling is superb since there are no more struggles to put the table. Besides being ideal for reading, the platform is also suitable for placing TV, router, console and other accessories.

  • Massive storage shelf
  • Reduced weight
  • Smell free
  • Not string like natural wood

5. Alaterre Sonoma Rustic Natural 42’’ Coffee Table

Alaterre Sonoma Rustic Natural 42’’ Coffee Table

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Alaterre Sonoma coffee table is giving your home a new look. Whether you need it for living or dining room, it has all qualities you need. With solid wood construction, it lasts for years. Also, it has a sturdy structure enabling it to accommodate up to 400 pounds. The bottom section has a stable shelf that fit even bulky items. Made from a thick wood panel, it creates an exceptional platform for storing shelf pictures and other accessories.

Apart from the thick wood top and shelf, the table has heavy-duty steel legs. They have powder coating which ensures that the frame lasts for long without rusting. The combination of wood metal and sleek, clean finish creates an exciting and appealing environment. The cleaning is simple with a wet cloth hence no more strain while washing the surface. Assembling is simple and ensures that users can do it without technicalities.

  • Super strong structure
  • Simple to clean
  • Ample storage shelf
  • Not adjustable

4. Christopher Knight Elam Wood Coffee Table

Christopher Knight Elam Wood Coffee Table

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Christopher Knight Elam table is all you need for fulfilling room décor. The table makes every room look fantastic with a natural wood finish. The unique design gives your room a marvelous look compared to others. Actually, the table has three legs which further increases the table look. With egg-shaped style, it gives everyone the ability to sit and utilize all table dimensions. Unlike most of the tables with bully design, this has lightweight wood.

Although the wood used is light, the table is capable of holding all your items safely. It also has long legs that enable easy usage with different chairs. The smooth finish is superb and lets the user enjoy easy cleaning. Construction features walnut and is lightweight as well as easy to assemble. Unlike the metallic structure, this is fully wooden and hence simple to put together.

  • Lightweight and strong
  • Oval shaped design
  • Sleek finish
  • Not for bulky items

3. Care Royal Vintage Industrial Farmhouse Coffee Table

Care Royal Vintage Industrial Farmhouse Coffee Table

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Having a classic table always ensure user get peace of mind and satisfaction. This Care Royal vintage coffee table is heavy-duty and sleek. It offers high strength as well as sleekness to make every room look attractive. Actually, the combination of metallic frame and heavy-duty wood panels ensure unmatched durability. With blend creating a vintage look, there is exceptional décor. Amazing, the 100% reclaimed wood is strong compared to MDFs and other wood grain tops.

The handcrafted rustic metal frame is sturdy and offers necessary support. It has a powder coat that is excellent for resisting rust and corrosion. With bottom having easy access, there is a simple storage solution to your stuff. With high weight support ability, this table can accommodate most of the essentials. Whether books, consoles, and others, they can be stacked comfortably. The real wood is durable and looks better even after years compared to other materials.

  • Real reclaimed wood
  • Thick and robust metallic frame
  • Easy to access bottom shelf
  • Height isn’t adjustable

2. Olee Sleep Cocktail Wood & Metal Legs Coffee Table

Olee Sleep Cocktail Wood & Metal Legs Coffee Table

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Olee Sleep table is made from one of the top quality pine wood. It boasts excellent performance since it features mature pine. With a neutral tone, the wood section is finished with clear furnish for great protection against moisture. Thus, when using it in humid areas, there is no damage. The surface is also smooth, which ensures there is easy cleaning. Due to sturdy construction, this table is versatile and can be used for different purposes. It is usable as a coffee, cocktail and end table.

The style and durability of this table make it suitable for homes and offices. With capped feet, there is excellent safety for your floor. It doesn’t cause damage to different type sof floors. With the bottom section having a durable wood panel, it creates ample space for storing your additional items when not in use. It, therefore, helps in saving space which is ideal for small spaces.

  • Mature pine wood
  • Sturdy metal feet
  • Ideal for home and offices
  • Not for outdoor use

1. Emerald Home Chandler Rustic Industrial Wood Table

Emerald Home Chandler Rustic Industrial Wood Table

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Emerald Home industrial wood table is versatile and ideal for general home use. It has sturdy design and height, which enables usage in the bedroom, dining and other areas. Therefore, when it’s in your home, it solves many requirements. The rustic hardwood is sleeks, durable and last for an extended time. To expose the natural wood grain, the wood is finished with a clear finish. It delivers a smooth surface for easy cleaning and water resistance.

The structure brings excellent strength and stability. This enables massive weight support without causing wobbles and movements. Additionally, the dark steel patina provides a great feel and décor. Also, the paint keeps the frame safe and free from corrosion. The solid steel and angled design ensure there is guaranteed reliability. With exposed metal fastener and rivets increases the overall table sleekness. Overall, the table has sleek knots, and natural grains ensures there is a remarkable beauty.

  • Sleek natural wood grain
  • Reinforced feet structure
  • Ideal for indoors and outdoors
  • Some uneven feel on the surface


Wood coffee tables are versatile and ideal for general home use. They are generally superb when it comes keeping the house décor. Available in different styles, people can opt for their perfect tables to suit their needs. Therefore, planning to get the right table, these featured in our list are amazing.

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