Top 10 Best Rabbit Harnesses in 2021 – Reviews

When traveling with your rabbit pet, you want to make the journey safe and as comfortable as possible. This is where the rabbit harnesses come in. Rabbit harnesses is a comfortable and soft vest that wraps around your pet rabbit and then attached to a leash, allowing you to walk with your bunny friend anywhere. Unlike dog collars, rabbit harnesses cover both the chest and neck. This distributes the weight evenly to ensure effective comfort, safety, and control of your pet.

There are so many options out there, and finding the perfect harness can be a more complicated decision process. However, in this article, the good news is that we have compiled a list of the top 10 best Rabbit Harnesses in 2021.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Rabbit Harnesses

  • Comfortable: Rabbits are creatures that can scare and startle easily. Therefore, their comfort is so essential whenever they are wearing harnesses. Get a harness that is constructed from quality material that puts comfort first. Moreover, it should not pinch or grip their body but relatively contour their body’s natural shape for them to feel comfortable. Go for one that has padding around their neck and stomach area. What’s more, you can get the one that has adjustments and fits snugly without restricting their movement.
  • Ease of Use: Get a harness that is easy to put on and remove. Pets are creatures that often do not like to sit still whenever you are assisting them. Therefore, you need to look for a harness with Velcro and clips to make it easy to attach and detach, and this will make your life a lot easier.
  • Size: Look for rabbit Harnesses that comfortably fit your pet. It should not be so tight that they restrict their movements. A good Harnesses is one that offers a wide range of motions and does not harm them.


10.​​ POPETPOP Leash Lead Adjustable Rabbit Pet Harness

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Having made from premium materials that are soft padded, this Rabbit Pet Harness by POPETPOP is very comfortable to wear. It is a small pet harness with a chest circumference of 20 cm to 30cm, neck circumference of 18 cm to 26cm, and Harness length of 112 cm. The harness is constructed from ultra-soft materials to ensure maximum comfort. Other than that, it has adjustable buckles that fit well for your pet.

This lightweight and high-quality Pet Harness will make walking your pet pleasant, fun, and safe. Moreover, it will offer full protection in the back, stomach, and neck whenever you are walking with your pet. Above all, it is ideal for guinea pigs, rabbits, pet pigs, and other small animals.


  • Measures 115 × 1.3 cm
  • Made of ultra-soft materials for comfort
  • High-quality and lightweight, comfortable harness
  • Has 18-26cm neck circumference
  • Adjustable buckle to fit well your pet

9. Niteangel Adjustable Soft Rabbits Harness

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If you search for a well-built Rabbits harness constructed for everyday use, this is an excellent choice for you. It is designed for large size rabbits between 3.5lbs and 6lbs in weight. This Harness is very simple to attach to the pet and easy to remove with Velcro and clips. It is ideal for dogs with a neck circumference of 16-20cm and a stomach circumference of 20 to 35cm. Ideally, this harness comes with a fully elastic leash of 120cm that extends up to 250cm.

With this Harness, you can take your rabbit outside and enjoy the silent backyard. Moreover, it is made of breathable mesh that will ensure that your rabbit remains cool, especially during hot days.


  • Suitable for adult rabbits.
  • Adjustable at chest and stomach
  • Made of durable and soft mesh material
  • Fully elastic nylon leash that extends to 250cm
  • Designed for rabbits between 3.5lbs to 6lbs

8. kathson 2 Set Rabbit Harness Leash for Hamster, Cats and Similar Small Animals

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The kathson is an eco-friendly harness that is constructed from durable and non-toxic materials for best performance. This rabbit harness has a chest girth of 10 inches to 11.5 inches, neck girth of 8 inches to 10 inches, and back length of 4 inches. It is also constructed from durable, soft, and comfortable mesh materials with padding. This Harness will never put any strain on your rabbit, as it is soft to offer total comfort.

Putting on and controlling this Rabbit Harness is very simple as you just need to place it on the pet’s back, Handle parallel with the neckline ring and then Clip the Velcro under the chest and neck. This rabbit harness is ideal for adult rabbits, ferrets, medium and small bunnies, kittens, cats, and guinea pigs.


  • Made of durable mesh material that is soft and comfortable
  • Suitable for adult ferrets and small-sized cat
  • Bunny jogging harness easy to put on and control
  • Has a neck girth of 8 inches to 10 inches
  • Breathable for all outdoor activities

7. Outus 5 Pieces Harness Leash Adjustable Rabbit Harness

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Keep your dog safe and secure with this Adjustable Rabbit Harness from Outus.  The applicable pet neck is around 7.09 to 10.24 inches in circumference and has a bust size of about 7.87 to 11.81 inches. Ideally, this dog harness is suitable for a puppy, pet pigs, ferret, bunny, rabbits, cats, and other small animals to minimize pulling and tugging on your pet’s neck. It also keeps your pet comfortable, safe, and it is excellent for jogging and walking.

The bunny harness leash is constructed from breathable, soft nylon material that will not cause damage or stress to your pet. In addition to that, it is very light, making it easy to carry it from one place to another. The package comes with five different color safety belts, and you can use them on different pets.


  • Made of safe and comfortable materials
  • Applicable pet neck is about 7.09 to 10.24 inches
  • The package includes five rabbit harness leash
  • Nice for walking and jogging
  • 7.87 inches to 11.81 inches adjustable bust

6. sonicbee Multipurpose Vest Harness Rabbits Hamste

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When you decide to get sonicbee Multipurpose Rabbits Hamster, you are choosing quality and durability. This rabbit’s hamster is constructed from high-quality nylon materials with soft texture making it perfect for year-round and summer days due to its breathable features. It will never put any strain on your dog’s neck; hence your funny friend will stay with total comfort. Typically, this multifunctional rabbit’s hamster can be used as a costume, decoration, mesh straps, hardness, and vest

This Rabbits Hamster is available in different sizes, where the large size is ideal for big bunnies, adult cats, and medium-sized dogs. The medium size is perfect for puppies, kittens, and grown-up puppies. Above all, this Rabbits Hamster is safe and comfortable, making it ideal for Jogging and walking.


  • Comes in four colors to choose from
  • Multi-functional and can be used as hardness or vest
  • Suitable for most grown-up rabbits and puppies
  • Made of high-quality nylon
  • Nice for walking and jogging

5. Hypeety Multipurpose Rabbit Leash and Vest Harness

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Have you been looking for an extremely breathable and comfortable harness? This Leash and vest harness is always there to ensure that your pet is in comfort. It is a charming dual-use outfit and small pet walking harness for your cute furry friends. Moreover, this Vest Harness has a suit-shaped design, comfortable to wear, and adjustable at the neck and chest, making your pet more attractive. Typically, this Rabbit Leash has 2 secure buckles that make it easy to wear and remove.

The Bunny Harness is designed in a cute and fashionable suit with a vintage buttons décor. It is exquisite and adorable, and you will love walking with your pet anywhere. Remember, walking with your pet make him or her more lively, agile, and avoid obesity.


  • Made of high-quality material
  • Can be used as charming outfits or pet walking harness
  • Easy to clean and durable in use
  • 2 secure buckles for easy removal
  • Adorable and elegant harness

4. Vehomy Small Pet Halloween Harness for Rabbits

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If you are a pet owner who loves to walk with your dog at night. Then it is crucial to invest in a quality Harness. Nothing beats Vehomy Small Pet Harness in this area. It is made from oxford material that is super easy to clean. The soft, breathable, and quick-dry non-toxic mesh pad helps to keep your small pet in comfort. In addition to that, it has a highly reflective tape on the leash and harness, making it visible during the night.

This Harness for Rabbits is ideal for small animals weighing 1.5lb to 3.5lb and has a chest size of 9.84 to 12.99inches. Its easy-to-secure Velcro makes it easy to wear on and take off. Above all, it has Police K9″ labels that make your pet more stylish and attractive.


  • Made of oxford material that is easy to clean
  • Easy to wear on and take off
  • Made with easy-to-secure velcro
  • Suitable for small animals weight 1.5lb to 3.5lb
  • High reflective tape on the edge

3. Pettom Bunny Rabbit Harness

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One of the top-selling Rabbit Harness on the market is the Pettom Bunny Rabbit Harness. It is made from a breathable air mesh material that makes your rabbit not overheat, ideal for all year. This Harness is designed for small animals, including mice, rats, hamsters, ferrets, chinchillas, rabbits, guinea pigs, cats, rabbits, and more. Typically, it has plastic closure and a Strong Hook and Loop that make the harness easy to wear while preventing cat breakouts.

This Soft bunny harness has an elastic nylon leash measuring 47-in, and it extends up to 98-in. this makes it easy to control while minimizing strain on the rabbit’s body. You will find this Rabbit Harness in different sizes, allowing you to quickly choose your pet’s best one.


  • Made of breathable air mesh material
  • Soft padded design for less strain on rabbits
  • Strong hook & loop, making it easy to wear
  • Suit for 4lbs to 8lbs rabbits
  • Designed for small animals such as rabbits and cats

2. PerSuper Pet Rabbit Harness Leash Jogging Walking Soft Nylon Harness Leash

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The PerSuper Pet Rabbit Harness is as stylish as it is durable. It is made from excellent quality nylon, making it ideal for year-round and summer days due to its breathable feature. It will never put a strain on your pet’s neck as it is designed with soft material for best comfort. Typically, this rabbit leash and Harness is suitable for cats, puppies, pet pigs, ferret, bunnies, rabbits, and other small animals.

The adjustable leash is 47.2 inches long; breast girth is 7.8 to 11.8 inches, and neck circumference is 7 to 10.2 inches. Moreover, this dog accessory is super light, making it easy to carry. Other than that, it has quick-release snaps that make it easy to remove.


  • Made of excellent quality nylon
  • Nice for walking and jogging
  • The leash is 47.2 inches long
  • Breathable and lightweight
  • Neck girth 7 to 10.2 inches

1. Niteangel Adjustable Elastic Leash Soft Harness for Rabbits

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The Niteangel Adjustable Harness and Leash is stylish, durable, and offers ultimate control and comfort. It is designed for rabbits between 3.5lbs to 6lbs. This soft Harness has a Neck circumference of 16 to 20cm, Stomach Circumference of 20 to 35cm, and back of 12.2cm. It also comes with a comfortable control leash of 120cm that extends up to 250cm. Ideally, this Harness is adjustable at the stomach and chest, and it comes with an extra nylon strap that comes with a snap buckle.

This soft Harness is very comfortable with no rubbing and gripping, so your rabbit can even sleep with it and wear it all day and night. With this Harness, you can take your dog outside and enjoy the quiet backyard.


  • Adjustable at chest and stomach
  • Designed for rabbits between 3.5lbs and 6lbs.
  • Large size and ideal for adult rabbits
  • Made of comfortable material with no rubbing or gripping
  • Has neck circumference of 16 to 20cm


When purchasing a tactical Rabbit Harnesses, ensure that you are aware of the correct measurements. Choose the size that is suitable for your rabbit, and then place an order. The harness listed above are comfortable to use and gives you more control over your pet. After browsing through our reviews, we hope you have found the best one to improve your walking experience with your pet.

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