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 Top 10 Best Portable Food Warmers in 2021 – Reviews

Are you tired of eating cold food when in the office or outdoors? If you need to enjoy hot meals, portable food warmers are the perfect solution. They are versatile equipment which can be used in vehicles or far from home. The portability and available in different sizes ensures different users can use them. Whether students, campers and others, these food warmers are handy.

The electric lunch boxes are ideal than regular microwaves since that allow high convenience. They allow even food heating and reliable. Thus, instead of using office microwaves, or other means, these appliances are the best options. Their portability and versatile power compatibility make them handy. To enjoy mouthwatering meals, take a look at our reviewed portable food warmers.

Portable Food Warmers Buying Guide:

  • Capacity: capacity is one of the fantastic features that everyone needs to check when getting these portable ovens. They come in different sizes which give rise to varying capacity. The warmers are designed mostly for single person use. This, however, doesn’t mean there is no capacity variation. To ensure you can carry ample food, check the warmer capacity.
  • Power supply: the food warmers use power to heat and warm food. This is unlike thermos that solely depends on the insulation. Since the warmers are used outdoors, they offer different power options. Some support 12 volts, 110v or both. The warmers that support dual power are great since they are usable under other conditions.
  • Sturdy materials: the construction of these food warming appliances should be from sturdy materials. They are for carrying food and sometimes they are carried to harsh conditions. Ensuring there is superior construction ensures durability. Besides, the materials should be food grade to ensure there is improved safety. Cheap materials are undesirable since they don’t have lasting performance.
  • Portability: the portability is vital since the warmers are for use away from home. They are supposed to be lightweight and compact to enable convenience. With light and optimized food warmer, portability becomes easy. Besides, carrying enhancements like handles and straps are fantastic and aids in ease of transportation.

Best Portable Food Warmers in 2021

10.TRAVELISIMO Electric 2-in -1 Portable Food Warmer

TRAVELISIMO Electric 2-in -1 Portable Food Warmer

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Travelisimo electric food warmer is great for travelers. Especially when driving, the warmer is reliable since it can be plugged in a 12-volt cigarette lighter. Additionally, the warmer is ideal for plugging on 110volts wall socket. The ability to plug in different power options ensures it allows people to enjoy great meals. Whether traveling or in office, this electric food warmer is highly functional. Designed with large capacity, the dish is excellent for keeping ample meal for one person.

The equipment is made from high-quality materials. Featuring a stainless steel outer compartment, the food holder is designed from heatable plastic. Actually, the container is food grade which means there is improved safety. The easy to clean design ensures the food warmer is dishwasher safe. Besides, a stainless steel spoon and fork provides you with dining is convenience.  With 1 liter capacity, the dish is large and carry enough meal for an adult.


  • 304 stainless steel construction
  • 2-in-1 functions
  • Large capacity
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Only for one person

9. Zone Tech Electric Insulated Heating Food Lunch Box

Zone Tech Electric Insulated Heating Food Lunch Box

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Zone Tech food carrying box is fantastic and reliable. It eliminates the consumption of cold food or spending money every day while buying meals. The exceptional construction ensures there is excellent reliability. It has insulated design which ensures heat conservation. Thus, after heating, the food remains warm for an extended period. The construction is fantastic since it ensures dustproof to keep the food clean. Therefore, even when traveling, you can be sure your food is safe and clean from dirt.

Apart from warming the food, the lunch box recooks and can heat food up to 300 degrees F. The food heating dish is made from premium food-grade material. It is odor and free from smelly materials. Besides efficient heating, the container is durable and robust. Therefore, when traveling, here is no chance of lunch box getting damaged due to the impacts. The carrying handle and pocket ensures the user can carry additional items.


  • Comfortable handle
  • Dustproof cover
  • Insulated design


  • Only operated on 12V

8. Maxi-Matic EFW-6080T Warmables Electric Lunch Box

Maxi-Matic EFW-6080T Warmables Electric Lunch Box

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Maxi-Matic warmable lunch box never disappoints. The electric lunch box is designed with the ability to heat and keep food hot. With exceptional design, the box is safe and offers excellent food heating. Fitted with a locking lid, there is no spill when carrying food with soup. Additionally, the carrying handle is fantastic and ensures there is comfort when traveling. With the ability to heat gradually, it ensures even warming hence maintaining the freshness. The lunch box heats food in 30-60 minutes thus great for different occasions.

The food heating container is made from premium stainless steel. Additionally, the bonus tray is fantastic for ensuring there is great food storage space. The snack tray is made from food-grade plastic and is freezer and dishwasher safe. Besides heating food, the equipment is ideal for maintaining the meal warm until when unplugged. Due to the compact design, the warmer is great for offices, schools and travels.


  • Stainless steel container
  • Compact design
  • Detachable power cord


  • Doesn’t support 12 volts

7. Suteck Electric 2 in 1 Lunch Food Heater Warmer

Suteck Electric 2 in 1 Lunch Food Heater Warmer

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Consuming cold food isn’t advisable at all. However, sometimes you need to look for a warmer box that will ensure your food is hot. Whether in offices, schools or traveling, Suteck food warmer is a great lunch box. It’s not an ordinary lunch container. It has excellent performance since it enables food warming as well as keeping it hot. Designed with pluggable design, it can work with 12V as well as 120V outlets. The versatility enables everyone to enjoy hot meals everywhere. Whether in trucks, offices and schools, it only needs to be plugged.

Apart from heating ability, the lunch box is durably constructed. The inner container features stainless steel which is non-reactive and easy to clean. Therefore, it allows for fast food heating as well as keeping food tasting great. The outer compartment is made from durable PP, which ensures there is perfect food security. Also, the retractable handle makes carrying this food container easy. The container comes with all cords for convenient connectivity.


  • Efficient carrying handle
  • Stainless steel food compartment
  • Fast hearing ability


  • Doesn’t come with spoons

6. U-miss Electric Lunch Heating Box for Car and Home

U-miss Electric Lunch Heating Box for Car and Home

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U-Miss lunch heating box is all you need to say goodbye to cold meals. The food warmer is impressive and keeps meals warm as well as heating cold food. This eliminates the need to carry food in insulated containers which still leads to heat loss. The heavy-duty construction ensures there is durability and reliability even when used outdoors. The dual use performance lets the container to be used in 12V and 120V plugs. Thus, it is suited for use at home, offices and vehicles.

The expert construction ensures high performance and safety. Featuring different materials, the box is safe and highly dependable. Actually, the food container is stainless steel as well as a spoon. The outer casing has durable plastic which is food grade. Also, the interior has divided compartments that enable storage of food without mixing. The ability to heat food fast is facilitated by PTC heating technology. With easy cleaning, the dish is dishwasher safe and waterproof.


  • Removable compartment
  • Dual power connectivity
  • Improved heating technology
  • Divided food container


  • Not insulated

5. Aotto Portable Oven 12V Car Food Warmer

Aotto Portable Oven 12V Car Food Warmer

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Aotto portable car food warmer lets everyone enjoy great mealtime. It’s a carefully designed box with durable materials. Boasting high-quality construction, the container is reliable for use outdoors. With excellent heating ability, the equipment reheat, warm and cooks raw food. The ability to use less energy than a microwave ensures the equipment is handy. Since it features a closed design, the portable microwave preserves food freshness and flavor.

Carrying and handling the food warmer is easy and convenient. It comes with a comfortable handle and extra pocket. This enables storage of spoons hence adding the convenience. This food warmer is compatible with all flat-bottom containers to promote even and fast heating. The compact and lightweight nature make the food warmer great for different places. The aluminum insulating material is superb for enhancing efficiency and keeping food warm.


  • Durable construction
  • Aluminum insulation
  • Comfortable handle


  • Only has 12V plug

4. Skywin Portable Oven and Lunch Warmer Office Microwave

Skywin Portable Oven and Lunch Warmer Office Microwave

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Carrying homemade food is great and helps you to save money and time. However, instead of food thermos, this Skywin portable oven is a great thing to have. It features excellent construction and safe materials. Actually, it has food-grade materials, with food holding container made from stainless steel. Besides, the warmer is ideal since it can work with most flat-bottom boxes. The compatibility with different food containers ensures everyone can use it.

The ability to keep and heat food enables the oven to be handy for different occasions. Thereby, whether in offices, home and other outdoor areas, the oven is highly convenient. Besides the heating ability, the oven comes with an insulated interior. This enables the food to heat rapidly and conserves the heat. With the ability to heat efficiently, the food oven saves energy than a regular microwave. The automatic temperature control gives the oven increased safety and convenience.


  • Automatic heat control
  • Compatible with flat bottom containers
  • Even food heating


  • Only a single power option

3. Rottogoon 110V Portable Personal Portable Mini Oven

Rottogoon 110V Portable Personal Portable Mini Oven

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Rottogoon portable mini oven is dedicated to allowing people to carry and reheat food. The food warmer is reliable since it can reheat food without much energy. This makes it a perfect choice compared to microwaves. Therefore, it is suitable equipment for offices, schools, and outdoor expeditions. With gentle food warming, the oven helps to maintain food flavor and nutrients. With excellent compatibility, the food warmer delivers a superb option for different food containers.

The lightweight design is great since there is excellent portability. It doesn’t take a lot of space which helps to save the available area. Designed with 3 carrying options, the oven has a comfortable handle and adjustable strap. Therefore, you can hang it on the shoulder or back as well as hanging it. The durable construction and reliable materials help to protect food from dirt. With heat resistant material, there is no risk of scalding your hands.


  • Heat resistant materials
  • Versatile carrying design
  • Lightweights and durable


  • Only supports 110 Volts outlet

2. Crock-PotLunch CrockFood Warmer

Crock-PotLunch CrockFood Warmer

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Forget about eating cold food in offices, schools and travels. Crock-PotLunch warmer is a compact and reliable way of eating a warm lunch. The high-quality construction enables the oven to heat food without getting hot in the exterior. With 20 ounces food capacity, the warmer is reliable for everyone who wants to enjoy warm food. Also, the lunch warmer is great for personal use due to ample capacity.

Apart from the large capacity, this equipment is simple and comfortable to carry. It comes with an efficient handle and is lightweight. Besides, the heavy-duty outer casing makes it right for different places. The food container is dishwasher and comes with a spill proof lid. This increases safety when you are carrying food since soup doesn’t cause the spilling mess. Easy portability and non-heating exterior add excellent safety to the user. The ease of use and sleek nature adds décor to your office or apartment.


  • Sleek design
  • Large capacity for adult
  • The exterior doesn’t get hot


  • Can’t cook raw food

1. Hot Logic Lunch Food Warming Tote

  Hot Logic Lunch Food Warming Tote

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Hot Logic lunch food is enabling everyone to enjoy hot meals when away from home. The food warming tote is highly portable and ensures there is excellent versatility. Featuring tote bag design, it ensures carrying the food warmer is easy and you don’t need a bag to carry it. The fantastic design allows the warmer to be great and complements every décor. With the ability to heat food evenly, it’s ideal for frozen, leftovers and fresh food without drying.

The food heater box is compatible with all flat-bottom containers. Its interior has excellent insulation which maximizes the performance. With a sealable lid, the food warmer is efficient to ensure there is fast eating. The efficient cable management system adds convenience in carrying. Apart from reheating food, the microwave keeps the food warm for hours.


  • Holds food hot for hours
  • Cooks and warms food
  • Convenient cable management


  • Takes too long heat


Portable food warmers are handy and convenient ways of having warm meals. They are great equipment designed to relieve you the stress of cold food. Available in different designs, they are ideal for most people. The versatile nature and convenient heating render these portable ovens exceptional.

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