Top 10 Best Steering Wheel Covers in 2021 – Reviews

Steering wheels are some of the most vital in every vehicle. They are always in use, which makes them prone to quick wear and tears. However, adding steering wheel covers is one of the ideal ways to ensure they look sleek and offers a comfortable feel. Since vehicles have different sized steering wheels, one needs to check for the ideal one that fits properly.

The selection not only looks for perfect fitting but the sleekness and overall comfort. These covers might look simple, but they are excellent for bringing great change into your cabin look. The inexpensive nature and protection they offer make them an ideal option for every vehicle. With leather, PU leather and rubber, everyone can enjoy the best feeling. The below covers brings outstanding grip and updated car dash look.

Steering Wheel Covers Buying Guide / Buyer Tip

  • Materials: the construction of covers entails different materials. The most common materials are the PU leathers which have lightweight and soft nature. However, there are other materials like polyester and genuine leather. The cowhides are fantastic and offer durability and more grip than synthetic materials. Therefore, when choosing a steering wheel cover, select the ideal material.
  • Size: the steering wheels come in different sizes. Thus, a cover diameter is a great aspect to check. Typically, most vehicles these days come with standard sizes. The size of a hand wheel depends on the car, model and year of manufacturing. Older vehicles had bigger steering wheels hence need to check the perfect fitting covers. However, most current models have standard sized handwheels.
  • Ease of installation: the installation convinience is another quality that drivers must check. Usually, the covers are supposed to be tool-free; thus, the user can fit without a struggle. Despite the toolless installation, the covers should have a maximum grip to ensure superb safety.
  • Non-slip design: having wrong-size cove can cause slipping as turn the steering wheel. It is this reason that buyers need to have cove with rubberized lining. This not only offers high grip, but it protects the steering wheel. Also, the surface should be soft and non-slip to keep driver hands enjoying maximum grip.

10 Best Steering Wheel Covers

10. Aierxuan Microfiber Universal Fit Leather Steering Wheel Covers

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Get your car a great updating by adding this leather cover for steering wheels from Aierxuan. It’s a versatile accessory that allows people to fit it in any steering wheel that is 14.5-15 inches. The ability to fit different vehicles ensures you can fit on SUVs, Trucks and other vehicles with ease. Construction features premium microfiber, which is soft and provides a fantastic grip. The microfiber leather used is impressive since it’s soft and suits all seasons.

Apart from premium material, the steering wheel comes with great stitching. Therefore, it’s possible to enjoy the maximum performance without the cover falling apart. Amazingly, the inner part has rubber enhancement which provides a perfect grip. Even when under high performance, the steering wheel doesn’t slip. The inner rings are designed to provide easy and firm installation. They are environmentally friendly and offers a fantastic fit to the steering wheel.

  • Super soft microfiber leather
  • Simple installation
  • Universal fit
  • Not genuine leather

9. Magnelex Microfiber Leather Cover for 4.5-15’’Steering Wheels

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Keeping the steering wheels unprotected can lead to damages from different aspects. Magnelex microfiber cover is one of the right options which have broad compatibility. The cover protects your hands as well as steering wheels from friction. Therefore, when driving, one enjoys excellent feeling and comfort. The ability to fit different steering wheels with a diameter of 14.5-15 inches is a suitable option for different cars.

The microfiber leather used in the making of this cover keeps it cozy. It provides the user with fantastic breathability and comfort hence no compromised grip. Actually, the type of leather used is resilient and delivers consistent performance under all weather and seasons. The palm and steering wheel protection ensure your driving is enjoyable than ever. With high-quality stitching, there is super comfort and the cover last long.

  • Breathable microfiber
  • Reinforced stitching
  • Improved palm protection
  • Not for large steering wheels

8. Coofig Durable PU Leather 15 Inch Steering Wheel Cover

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Give your vehicle a great feel and look by installing a new steering cover. The cover is made with perfection to suit all medium-sized steering wheels. Actually, it can fit handwheels that are between 14.5 to 15 inches. Due to the universal fitting, the cover fits excellently without sliding hence maximizing the grip. It is also suitable for different vehicles like vans, SUVs and trucks, and others for comfortable drives.

The breathable nature is the reason you should add it to your vehicle. With microfiber leather, there is super soft feeling as well as improved grip. The material is heat and cold resistant, ensuring there is consistent performance. Moreover, the eco-friendly material ensures the steering wheel is safe. It also doesn’t pollute the environment and has flexible rings for fantastic ease of installation to the handwheel.

  • Eco-friendly cover rings
  • Breathable and slip-resistant
  • Sleek, sporty design
  • No beads enhancements

7. Achiou Universal 15’’ Steering Wheel Cover with Grip Contour

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Achiou universal cover is excellent to add into your car for improved performance. This cover’s construction features some of the top quality materials to ensure there are no more discomforts. It has a rubber interior which is excellent to absorb vibrations and prevent slipping. As a result, when installed in different vehicles, the steering wheel cover delivers perfect grip. The ergonomic design let the hands enjoy ideal contouring.

Apart from the superb grip, this cover has a sleek and appealing look. It has an exquisite look which gives the user a fantastic look. The increased grip allows the user to enjoy increased safety. Installation is superb since the cover has easy installation. Actually, there is simple and effortless fixing without complications. The ability to fit cars with 14.5-15 inches steering wheels is a good option for different vehicles. Enhanced with black and red styling, it’s a perfect cover to give every can an updated look.

  • Sleek and comfortable
  • Rubberized interior
  • Soft and high grip
  • Red color fades after a while

6. HAOKAY Premium Car Bling Steering Wheel Cover for Women

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Haokay hand wheel cover is created to ensure women and girls get superb experience. The cover has a fantastic design which makes a thrilling feeling. The leather constructed cover has excellent durability as well as softness. Besides, the cover has handcrafted rhinestones which enables the cover to look unique. As a result, it is possible to enjoy a beautiful dashboard compared to regular covers. The shiny enhancements are great when it comes to keeping the dashboard sleek.

The construction entails cow hide simulated PU leather. With these materials, they ensure the cover is amazing and super comfortable. Thus, even when driving, the user enjoys improved safety and comfort. Despite the heavy-duty construction, the handwheel cover has easy installation. The cover is a fantastic choice for medium-sized handwheels, hence a good option for most cars measuring 14.5 to 15 inches. Despite the complex look, the cover is super easy to install.

  • Sleek rhinestones enhancements
  • High-quality PU leather
  • Quick installation
  • Black one can stain hands

5. KAFEEK Breathable, Anti-Slip Steering Wheel Cover

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Kafeek high-grade cover is made for adding comfort and convenience to your vehicle. It has a elegant and premium design that ensures that once you have it installed, there is impressive feeling and grip. It boasts breathable and anti-slip microfiber leather as well as silk mesh. This lets everyone enjoy superb driving. With non-sweaty hands, the driver can enjoy exceptional grip and excellent experience. Despite the artificial leather, there is a great feeling, and the materials are eco-friendly.

Apart from the soft nature, the cover has heatproof and enables the user to enjoy consistence performance in all seasons. The combination of colors used in this cover allows the car to look amazing. Additionally, the meshed design is the reason that driver enjoys high breathability and comfort. The installation is easy and quick since there are no tools needed. It has strong rings that keep the cover perfectly fitted on the steering wheel.

  • Highly breathable silk mesh
  • Non-toxic materials
  • Stable heat resistant
  • Feels very thick for women

4. Alusbell Microfiber Leather Auto Steering Wheel Cover

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Alusbell auto hand wheel cover is the perfect addition for your vehicle. The cover is a superb option since it comes with superior construction. With this cover, it is suitable for installation on medium-sized steering wheels. Thus, it is an excellent option for SUVs, Vans and other automobiles. With a combination of materials, this cover is reliable under all conditions. The outer part has microfiber leather while the interior has a rubber lining. This creates a fantastic grip, which prevents the cover from moving when you are driving.

Apart from the comfortable design, the cover has a super breathable design. The kind of leather used ensures there is no variation in feeling due to change in the weather conditions. Actually, the cover doesn’t suffer from the heat or cold seasons. Additionally, the cover is wear-resistant, which is fantastic for ensuring improved usability. The slip-resistant outer surface keeps the driver enjoying the ride.

  • Non-slip surface
  • Decorative design
  • Natural rubber interior backing
  • Not genuine leather

3. NFL Poly-Suede Steering Wheel Cover

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NFL cover for steering wheels brings joy when you are driving. It’s a poly-suede and polyester made cover that enhances the general comfort and reliability. The careful design and construction enable the cover to deliver a fantastic performance. This ensures there is great comfort and grip to allow the user to enjoy a superb driving experience. The 100% polyester cover is durable and enables the user to have a magnificent experience. Amazingly, this steering wheel cover comes with customized basket team colors.

The meshed design is the reason this cover is comfortable even under hot or cold seasons. Unlike other covers, this has a stretching design which is superb for ensuring there is wide compatibility. It can fit most vehicle steering wheels without causing damages. Actually, the cover slips in seconds without causing struggles to the users. Having this cover in your car ensures it gets a sporty enhancement.

  • Sporty look
  • Comfortable polyester material
  • Printed with official team colors
  • Stretching design
  • Stiff when cold

2. Valleycomfy Universal 15’’ Auto Steering Wheel Cover

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Valleycomfy universal cover provides a perfect fit for most cars. With the ability to fit universally, the cover makes every steering wheel comfortable and enjoy increased grip. It’s one of the premium quality covers made from genuine leather. Thus means added durability as well as high performance. The super-soft surface gives the cover a comfortable and sure grip. Therefore, it’s possible to enjoy a fantastic feeling when driving. Weighing 1.3 pounds, it’s super heavy-duty and provides unmatched steering ability.

The grip is perfectly enhanced for drivers and the cover. It has a rubber interior which cares and provides slip-resistant installation. Even when installed on high-performance vehicles, there is a guaranteed grip. The kind of leather used is fantastic and doesn’t emit odors. Also, it doesn’t crack like other cheap materials. As a result, it’s possible to use leather protective products to maintain its suppleness. The high-quality stitching and easy to install means the cover is one of the premium qualities.

  • Genuine leather
  • Super soft and strong
  • Odor free
  • No decorative enhancements

1. SEG Direct Microfiber Auto Steering Wheel Cover

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The smooth driving relies on the comfort of your hands on the steering. SEG Direct microfiber cover is making your steering wheel comfortable and new again. It’s one of the reliable covers and created by experts to guarantee outstanding performance. Built from the soft microfiber leather, there is an excellent feeling, and the user enjoys the fantastic feeling. The material provides a superb grip, and there is no slipping or sweating. It has high breathability which let the hands maintain great grip throughout.

The materials used are healthy for drivers and the environment. With odor free design, there is increased peace of mind. Suited for an average-sized steering wheel, it can fit care with 14.5 to 15 inches diameter. The performance is consistent throughout since the cover isn’t affected by hot or cold weather. Besides comfort, the cover is right choice for adding décor to your vehicle.

  • Great décor complement
  • Smooth microfiber surface
  • Healthy and driver-friendly material
  • Poor packaging


The addition of steering wheel covers in your vehicle adds superb comfort. Apart from comfort, these accessories are great for improving the dash appearance. Therefore, when you want to give your car a perfect update, these covers are the ultimate add-ons to choose.

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